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Who we are

TBT  Agricultural Commodity Trading Company was established for the sole purpose of Sourcing & Trading of agricultural commodities and making it available in large quantities for industrial usage(s). We are keen to become a major supplier in the industry. We believe the market is a growing one and with our growing pool of farmers, we are not only stationed to provide you with large quantities of agro products but to provide top quality products.


The company, founded in 2017, is focused on making a valid mark in Nigeria’s Agriculture Sector. Our service is known for its swiftness and in the few years we have been working, we have actively integrated effectiveness and efficiency in our services. One of our goals is to provide both local and international producers with top quality agro products grown on Nigerian soil. We’ve ensured that our partner farmers comply with food safety, regulatory and quality requirements. Our unique ability to source for agro products and our successful track record in agricultural networking makes us an invaluable partner in the industry.

We trade on the world’s major exchanges in a wide range of products including but not limited to, Maize, Soybeans, Cashew nuts, Shea butter/Shea nuts, Charcoal and Cassava. 

Cashew Nuts
Shea butter/Shea nuts


To be the global leader in Supply of agriculture commodities and a provider of quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.


To provide exceptional agro allied services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology. We also strive to prosper and build long term relationships with our customers, clients, shareholder and employees.

Action Guidelines

To deliver customer satisfaction with creativity, Innovation, Sincerity, and Gratitude, and to act in compliance with the law and ethics.

Our Core Philosophy

To be at the right place at the right time with the right quantity at the right cost.


TBT is known for its steadfast adherence to moral and ethical conduct while dealing with clients and customers.


Our clients uphold a high level of confidence and reliance in us as we provide them with unambiguous transactions

Constant Improvement

We believe we are not perfect but we can work our way to perfection by improving at every step of the way.


We maintain the peak of quality to uphold our client’s partnership and ensure their continuous profitability


We are committed to fulfilling our partnership objectives with clients impeccably

Tesleem Tunji-Bello


Tesleem spearheads TBT and shoulder the overall responsibility of the Administration and Finance functions. With his vast knowledge and experience in the Agro-indistry, He actively leads the company forward.

Naheem Noah

Business Development Manager

Naheem is a BSc graduate with a broad-based background and skills in project management and business development. He is a commonwealth opensource leader and member of the Young African Leaders Initiative. Naheem is the Business Development Manager for TBT.

Adeposi Bamiduro

Trading Manager

Adeposi is a seasoned IT and business development consultant with several years of experience. He has multiple global certifications to his credit, and championed several IT, agriculture and business development projects. He is the Trading Manager for TBT.

Abiola Shonubi

Head Sourcing Manager

Abiola is a detailed oriented personel with excellent track record on Agro commodity supply chain with analytical, processing, as well as an excellent quantity & quality assurance in the business. Mr Abiola is the Head Sourcing Manager for TBT.

Rehanat Bello

Research Manager

Rehanat is the Research Developer for TBT. She is also a post-graduate student at University of Ibadan, studying information Science. She is interested in the dynamics of Data Analytics and Research.

Abdulahi Bamiduro

Transportation/ Logistics Manager

Abdulahi is the Transportation/ Logistics Manager for TBT. He has years of experience in transportation and supply chain management field, having worked for organisations like Dangote Cement Transport, Honeywell and Lacasera.


Sourcing Agent

Management Policy

To take up the challenges of innovation and to respond to market needs as an active trading company.